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Information guide

This information guide includes:
History of Lake Lafayette
General Rules
City Government
Landowner’s Association
Emergency Services
Property for Sale
Lakes and Parks
Zoning Regulations
Permits and Licenses
Taxes and Assessments
Roads, Utilities

Revised May 2017

This is an informational guide only. Some contents or rules may change before the expiration date.
Please contact City Hall and the Landowner’s Association for information on current rules and regulations.



Lake Lafayette is a small community located in Lafayette County in west central Missouri, approximately 35 miles east of Kansas City and 2 miles south of Odessa on state highway 131. It occupies an irregular shaped area approximately 1 mile wide by 1.5 miles long and contains four lakes, one large lake of about 80 acres, and three smaller ones between 5 and 10 acres each.

The area was platted as a subdivision development by a company called Lafayette Land Company, Inc. around 1971 and divided into approximately 1500 lots, which were grouped into 9 different plats. Gravel roads were built through each section as it was opened up for sale, and lots were sold as either recreational property (camping, etc.) or residential, depending on each buyer’s interests. No utilities were provided, though the developer did make verbal assurances of future water and sewer systems. In total, around 1400 lots were sold over a period of 14 years from 1971 until 1985, when the developer closed up shop and went out of business.

For many years, the area was not incorporated, and the only form of local government was a set of Restrictive Covenants, filed with the County, which established a Board of Trustees with powers to levy assessments and provide certain services in the interest of all property owners. Initially the Board of Trustees was comprised of officers of the developer. Then in 1977, the first elections were held in which property owners voted for board members from their own numbers. In 1987, the Lake Lafayette Landowners Association was incorporated as a more formal platform for the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Trustees as defined in the Restrictive Covenants are by definition the governing board of the Association.

In 1994, the community voted to incorporate as a 4th class city, which resulted in a new governing body and associated benefits concerning the adoption and enforcement of local ordinances. The Landowners Association remains in place as a group representing the many non-resident owners as a well as those who live within the city. The other legal jurisdiction over the area is with Lafayette County, whose county seat is at Lexington, approximately 20 miles north east of Lake Lafayette. Planning and Zoning was established in 1999 to further assist in controlling the nature of development.


All activities within the City Limits are subject to the Ordinances of the City of Lake Lafayette and the Restrictive Covenants supported by the Landowner’s Association. Copies of both documents are kept at the Community Building for public viewing during open hours. The Community Building includes City offices and The Landowner’s Association office.

The address is
1001 Lafayette Drive, Lake Lafayette, MO. 64076.
Office hours for both are Tues., Thurs. and Sat. from 9 to noon.


Mayor Gary Draper (816) 786-7622
Alderman – Water and Financial Mike Betts (816) 230-8747
Alderman – Police Liason Deborah Thompson (660) 238-7256
Alderman - Street Commissioner Steve Ragon (816) 230-6279
Alderman – Building Permits Kevin Worts (816) 633-0664
City Hall General Number (816) 633-8783
Fax Number (816) 633-8955
City Clerk Barbara Lee (816) 230-1636

If you have any questions, concerns, items or ideas to improve the quality of life in our City, the people listed above are elected or appointed volunteers, are interested in your ideas, and are here to help serve you regarding the City.

The Board of Alderman meets at the Community Center on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is an audience input area on the agenda where the public is invited to speak regarding the City.


Chairman Bob Heggestad (816) 230-7615
Member Jean Dyer (816) 230-4489
Member Jeremiah Cox (816) 230-6282
Member Don Guyer (816) 796-3374
Member Renee Floyd (660) 525-1649
Office Carol Jeffries (816) 230-5976
If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance in regard to the Lakes and Parks, the people listed above are elected volunteers, are interested in your ideas, and are here to help serve you regarding the Lakes and Parks.

The Lakes, Parks and Sports Facilities are maintained exclusively for use by the people that own property at Lake Lafayette. Owners obtain I.D. cards when their assessments are paid, and these cards should be carried as identification whenever using the lakes or parks. These facilities are not open to the general public.

The Landowner’s Association has an annual open meeting of members in April each year to elect board members, amend the Restrictive Covenants, and discuss topics of interest. The Association Board meets at the Community Center on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome to attend.


--------------DIAL 911--------------

For Police, Fire or Medical emergency service, please dial 911. In order for emergency services to locate your residence, a street address sign must be installed in front of the property in reflective numbers at least 2” in height. To find out your correct address, please contact City Hall.

Police Dispatch - Non emergency (660) 259-3622
Lafayette County Sheriff (660) 259-3622
Lake Lafayette Police Department (816) 633-8783
State Highway Patrol (emergency only) (816) 524-9200
State Highway Patrol (non emergency) (816) 524-1407
Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-392-3738

For non-emergency issues, you may also contact City Hall during normal business hours. ASSOCIATIONbr>
City Streets Stephen Ragon (816) 230-6279
Building Permits Kevin Worts (816) 633-0664


The City is not involved with any land transactions. A source of property for purchase is through the County Land Trust. These are lots that have been claimed by the County for delinquent taxes. Contact Mike Kramer 602 525-3779.

Occasionally, a property owner will display a “For Sale” sign posted on their lot.

Property for sale may be subject to delinquent taxes and/or Landowner’s Association assessments. A lien search is highly recommended before purchasing property. Contact the Landowners Association office for additional information. Also, check with the County regarding paid taxes.


There are several Lakes and Parks offered to the property owners. The lakes include one large and three smaller lakes. There are three park facilities and a recreational area at the large dam. Also, a baseball field and basketball court is located near the front entrance to Lake Lafayette. A summary of the Lake Rules are:

1) General water use rules:
a. The Missouri Motor Boat Code of Ethics and all Missouri State regulations pertaining to boating apply to the waters of Lake Lafayette.
b. Boat owners are responsible for the wake created by their boat and any resulting damage to shoreline, docks, or other boats.
c. All watercraft must display a current Lake Lafayette boat sticker. d. A property owner whose dues are PAID UP cannot give their card to another property owner whose dues are NOT paid up.

2) Motor, Speed and Skiing regulations:
a. The speed limit on all lakes except during ski hours and dates is 5 mph. The bow of the boat must be kept in the water.
b. Ski hours are from May 1 to October 1 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
c. The maximum speed during ski hours is 35 mph.
d. Only trolling motor or manually powered boats are allowed on small lakes.
e. Personal watercraft are permitted on the main lake and must conform to ski rules.
f. All boats and personal watercraft being operated at high speed must maintain at least 50 feet clearance from any boat dock, shoreline or other boats.

3) Fishing Rules:
a. All fishermen between the ages of 16 and 65 must have a valid Missouri State fishing license.
b. Fish may be taken by rod and reel or pole and line only.
c. Bass between 12 and 15 inches long are to be protected and must be returned if caught. Bass under 12 inches or more than 15 inches may be kept. Creel limits are 5 for bass under 12 inches and 1 for over 15 inches.

4) Swimming rules:
a. There are no lifeguards at any facilities at Lake Lafayette, so if you choose to swim or ski, you do so at your own risk.
b. Anyone using the beach or park areas is required to leave the park or beach in a cleaned condition by 12:00 midnight.
c. All swimmers are required to be properly clothed.

5) Miscellaneous:
a. Lakefront lot owners may build a dock; contact office for permit and requirements.
b. Firearms will not be discharged on any properties of Lake Lafayette.
c. Any questions regarding access easements around the lake should be directed to the Landowner’s Association.
d. Boats may not be left in the water over the winter. From December 1 to March 1 they may be used at any time but removed from the lake when not in use.


The City of Lake Lafayette has Planning and Zoning. The complete regulations can be viewed at City Hall. The following is a brief highlight regarding zoning.

a) RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT is all lots within the city, except where the Commercial district is located. The Residential district allows for single family dwellings, public schools, public libraries, public parks and playgrounds, municipal buildings, customary home occupations, churches, temporary buildings for uses of construction work, or other customary accessory uses and buildings provided such uses are incidental and do not include any activity commonly conducted as a business. COMMERCIAL DISTRICT is in Plat E, lots 1 through 7.
b) Within the Residential district, conventional homes or modular homes (double wides or manufactured homes) are allowed throughout the Residential district. The minimum size shall be 950 square feet on the ground level living area.
c) Within the Residential district, except on the lake front lots, mobile homes are allowed in Plats B and G, Plat H lots 1-7, 107-115, 189-228, Plat E lots 43-56, and all of Plat F. The minimum size shall be minimum 720 square feet on the ground level living area.
d) Within the Residential district, the required habitable land size shall be minimum 23,000 square feet, to accommodate an acceptable sanitary sewer system.
e) Within the Residential district, the required minimum yard size must be 25’ front yard; however 20’ side yard depth on a corner lot is permitted, 5’ side and rear yard.
f) Within the Residential district, all new construction requires a list of construction materials to be used with the building permit application.
g) A building permit must be approved by the Board of Aldermen, prior to any construction.
h) Within the Residential district, all modular homes, single wides and double wides must be in satisfactory condition, less than 15 years old, and must be reviewed by photograph or inspection, subject to review by the Board of Aldermen, and building permit must be approved prior to moving within the city limits.
i) All modular homes, single wides and double wides must be set on a foundation except single wides can be set on a concrete pad, and must be tied down and skirted within 30 days after placement.
j) Accessory buildings (sheds, garages and carports) are subject to the following requirements: 1) shall not be located nearer the front lot line than the main building; 2) minimum distance from any property line shall be 5’ except within utility easements, and 3) exterior materials of construction must be new or like new condition. Restrictions including size and floor requirements can be viewed in the City’s Land Use Regulations.
k) Campers and RVs may not be left in place year round except when parked next to the owner’s residence. On otherwise vacant lots they must be removed between November 1 and April 1.
l) A home occupation is defined as any occupation or profession carried on by the inhabitants which is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes, which does not change the character thereof, and which is conducted entirely within the main or accessory buildings; provided, that incidental trading in merchandise is carried on and in connection with which there is no display of merchandise or sign other than on non-illuminated nameplate not more than 2 square feet in area, which said sign is attached to the main or accessory building; and further provided that no mechanical equipment is used, nor any activity conducted that creates any noise, dust, odor, or electrical disturbance beyond the confines of the lot on which said occupation is conducted.



Building permits are required prior to installation or construction. Items requiring a building permit are: Homes, Garages, Dwelling Additions, Water and Sewage Systems, Culverts, Porches, Decks, Storage/Utility Buildings, and Car Ports.

Building Permits can be applied for at City Hall. The building permit application has instructions to follow and it provides guidance to assure the work being done is in accordance with City ordinances and zoning regulations.

Building permit applications for major items have a minimum of at least a 10 day waiting period prior to approval/ disapproval by the Board of Alderman. Please keep this in mind when planning for installation or construction. If installation or construction begins prior to approval of a building permit, you will be in violation of the City ordinances and may be subject to a court appearance and fine.


City stickers are required for each motor vehicle owned by a resident of the city. City stickers must be renewed each year by March 15, and can be purchased at City Hall. For established residents, the City sticker fees may already be included as part of your City personal property tax, each year end. The fee is $5.00 for each vehicle. City Personal Property taxes must be current prior to being eligible to purchase City stickers. Replacement sticker is $1.00.


Boat stickers are required each year for each boat or personal watercraft placed on the lakes. Boat stickers can be purchased at the Landowner’s Association office located in the Community Building, or by appointment (call office number). The fee is $5 to $20 for each boat depending on motor size, personal watercraft fee is $25. Landowner Association assessments must be current prior to eligibility to purchase a boat sticker.


Since the Lakes and Parks are privately owned and operated by the Landowners of Lake Lafayette, access to these facilities requires a current property owner identification card. The I.D. cards are provided each year to the property owners by the Landowners Association upon payment of the assessments on their property. Additional I.D. cards are available for use by their relatives or guests. The I.D. card must be carried when using the Lakes and Parks and you may be requested to present the I.D. card at any time when using these facilities.


A dog license is required for every dog within the City Limits of Lake Lafayette. The dog licenses are due each year on or before March 1 and can be purchased at City Hall. The fee is $7.00 for each dog and the owner must show proof that the dog is current on rabies vaccination. Dogs must be kept under control at all times and are not permitted to be at large, off the premises of the owner unless under the control of a competent person.

Environmental Resolutions PO Box 631 Raymore, MO. 64083 816 331-1933
Devine, deFlon, & Yeager 114 N Main Clinton, MO. 64735 660 885-8311
Edwards Engineering 12812 S Harris Rd Greenwood, MO. 64034 816 524-2978
Hampton, Tom 9400 Timber Meadows Dr Lee's Summit, MO. 64063 816 524-2034
K J J Maisy PO Box 176vv Lincoln, MO. 65338 660 547-2707
Rennald Thomas PO Box 784 Grain Valley, MO. 64029 816 650-5142
Septic Solutions 3511 Hovell Rd Oak Grove, MO. 64075 816 224-2407
Smith LLC PO Box 136 Grain Valley, MO. 64029 816 228-6738
White Cloud Eng. 26101 Hallmark Rd Maryville, MO. 64468 660 582-4111
Whitehead Consultants 114 N Main Clinton, MO. 64735 660 885-8311

Atkinson, L J 3395 Hwy Z Edgerton, MO. 64444 816 790-3724
Berka, Douglas 7354 N Shannon AV. K C, MO. 64152 816 746-0602
Dohmen, Tony PO Box 176 Jefferson City. MO. 65102 573 751-1398
Earhart, Daniel n 627 W 68th Terr. K C, MO. 64113 816 977-8526
Knoernschild, Tim 18564 Arnett Rd. Sedalia, MO. 65301 660 527-3769
Lindell, David 410 E Bodine Av. Clinton, MO. 64735 660 885-8749
Miles, Randy 6500 Gillespie Br. Columbia, MO. 65203 573 882-6607
Minor, Paul 2601 Shepard Blvd. Columbia, MO. 65201 573 449-4549
On-Site Soils PO Box 6 Wentzville, MO. 65102 888 878-1461
Osborne, Mark 304 Anderson Columbia, MO. 65203 573 442-1750
Schell, Tray 11736 W 68th PL. Shawnee, KS. 66203 913 888-3806
Waitman, John 204 NE Churchill Lee's Summit, MO. 64086 816 525-5795
Barnes, Paul 2898 SW 233rd Plattsburg


Property owners are required to pay real estate taxes to the City of Lake Lafayette and Lafayette County. Also, personal property taxes must be paid on vehicles, trailers, boats and motorcycles. These taxes are due on December 31 each year, and are all included on a single bill prepared by Lafayette County. Income to the City is used for such items as roads, police department, animal control, City Hall functions and utilities, etc.

The Landowner’s Association is authorized by Restrictive Covenants to collect assessments on each lot. The assessment is $60 per lot per year, billed in two installments in March and September, $30 per lot each time. The money is used to maintain and improve the lakes, dams, spillways, and parks, and to assist the City with road maintenance and other services.


The roads are maintained by the City of Lake Lafayette. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact City Hall. The roads are graveled and graded to help maintain them. During the winter, snow is removed on most roads and cinders are dropped on some icy locations.

Water and Sewage: The City will provide municipal water where there are water lines. Please contact City Hall regarding water because there may be limited availability for your location.. Sewage treatment is the responsibility of the individual resident and generally uses a septic system. Septic systems must be approved by applying for a building permit at City Hall prior to installation. Please refer to the permit section of this information guide. Public water supply for much of the city is still under construction and is operational.

Natural Gas is not available within the City limits. Propane may be purchased from a local supplier that will be listed in your phone book. Rent will be charged for the use of a propane tank or may be purchased. Local propane vendors include:

Sally’s Propane (816) 690-4928
Central Coop Inc. (816) 230-7531, after hours (816) 633-8266.
Suburban Propane (660) 747-8612
Magruder Propane Inc. (816) 230-7959, after hours (816) 230-4334

Electricity is provided by West Central Electric Cooperative. Please contact them for installation or service. The phone number is 1-800-491-3803 or 1-660-584-2131.

Telephone service is provided by Century Link. Please contact them directly for installation or service regarding the telephone at 1-888-723-8010 or on line at

You can get satellite via DIRECTV OR DISH. Please contact them directly for installation and/or service.
DIRECTV - 1-877-798-6070 or
DISH - 1-855-489-4259 or

Trash service can be secured by contacting any of the following:
Rural Route Trash (816) 697-3541
AAA 816 650-3180