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Published by Lake Lafayette Landowners Association
February 2018

Annual Meeting Planned for April 22

This year’s annual meeting of the Landowners Association will be held Sunday April 22, in the meeting room of the Community Center. The doors will open at 1:30 p.m. for meeting registration, with the meeting to follow at 2:00 p.m. Two board positions are up for election this year; one is the seat currently held by Jean Dyer, the other one is for the seat vacated recently by the resignation of Dennis Summers. Jean has filed for re-election again and Renee Floyd has filed for the other position, so there will not be a contested election – two candidates for two positions. There are no amendments or other issues on the ballot this year.

Remember the revised voting rules from in the last several years are now in effect. One of these provides that eligible owners are entitled to cast one vote for each lot owned, up to a maximum of ten votes for any owner. An eligible owner is any owner who is current on assessments on all his/her property. Another recent revision provides that property owners eligible to vote at an annual meeting election may cast that vote in person at the annual meeting, or at the business office during normal open hours at any time beginning two weeks prior to the meeting. This year that means that absentee votes may be cast at the office beginning on Saturday April 7.

Assessments must be paid on or before April 10 to qualify the owner to vote at this year’s meeting. This deadline applies whether payment is made by check or cash. This deadline applies whether payment is made by check or cash.

Good Response to City-Wide Cleanup

A city-wide cleanup was held again last fall, and response was very good; two large dumpsters were filled to the brim and many more items were disposed by other means. This project is jointly sponsored by the Association and the city of Lake Lafayette. Intentions are to continue to provide this service every year in late September or October.

Rules for ID Cards, Beach Keys and Boat Stickers

Please note the order form enclosed for ID cards. All owners with paid-up assessments are eligible for a card. Anyone using the lakes or parks during 2018 must have a 2018 ID card in their possession while using the facilities. PLEASE PRINT YOUR INFORMATION ON THE ORDER FORM! Longhand writing is often illegible to the reader. Please include names of the family members on the order form and return it with your assessment payment. Cards will be issued for specific family members of eligible owners UNLESS the family member happens to also be a property owner and is NOT current on assessments. We will not issue blank ID cards without the name of the person for whom it is intended to be used. Be sure you enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your card order.

Again this year, only boats registered in the property owner’s name will be eligible for a boat sticker. Please have state registration papers and photo ID with you when you buy your sticker in person, or send copies of the paperwork if ordering by mail when you order your ID cards. Simply fill in that part of the order form and send the appropriate fee and copies of the registration papers, along with your stamped self-addressed envelope. Keys for the gate lock at the dam are free to anyone buying a boat sticker, or sell for $4.00 to any other eligible owner. Keys will not be sent by mail; they must be picked up at the office. The lock is being changed again this year, so prior year’s keys will no longer work.

Any boat used on any of the lakes, motorized or not, must carry a 2018 Lake Lafayette boat sticker, and must be occupied by a property owner or family member carrying a 2018 Owner ID card. Boats used on any of the smaller lakes are limited to non-powered or trolling motors only. Ski boats are limited to a maximum length of 20 feet. Property owners are limited to three boat stickers per person/family. There are five classes of boat stickers, varying in cost from $5 to $25. Classes of boat stickers are as follows:

Classes of boat stickers are as follows:
Class A Boats without motors or with motors up to 25 HP $ 5.00
Class B Boats with motors from 26 to 50 HP $10.00
Class C Boats with motors from 51 to 100 HP $15.00
Class D Boats with motors over 100 HP $20.00
Class E Personal watercraft $25.00

Boat stickers are to be placed near the front on the right side of the boat as seen from a seated position inside the boat facing forward. A diagram will be provided with each sticker sold.

Lake News

Our lake rules were updated last fall to add several new provisions. One of these concerns the use of ATVs (some call them 4-wheelers, but aren’t all cars 4-wheelers?). Use of ATVs on city roads has long been outlawed, but our new rules state that they also cannot be used on any park property owned and maintained by the Association, except for the established loop track below the main dam. Operating these machines on any other park lands will leave you open to a charge of trespassing, and the city police department is intending to work with us on enforcement of this. Anyone who chooses to use the loop track does so at their own risk; the LLLA is not responsible for any mishaps or injuries resulting from such use.

As you may know, repairs to our dock at the dam are still incomplete. One section has been rebuilt and put back in the lake, but much more remains to be done. We still consider the dock closed to use. If you choose to use it in its present state, you are on your own. We have hopes of getting the overhaul finished this spring, but our volunteer crew is small and highly distracted with other activities.