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Lake Lafayette Landowners Association


Published by Lake Lafayette Landowners Association
August 2018

City-wide Cleanup

Citywide cleanup is being planned again this fall, to be held on the weekend of October 6 and 7. Dumpsters will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday at the maintenance barn for any owner or resident to bring items for disposal. The charge for this will be $10 for a car or pickup load and $10 for a trailer load. Anyone needing help moving their items may call or visit city hall in advance during open hours and arrange for pickup by volunteers. Charges for the pickup service will depend on the load, but in most cases it will be $10 and must be paid in advance. All general trash is accepted, including major appliances, furniture, construction debris, rugs, etc. Items NOT permitted for this collection are batteries, electronics, paint, and any hazardous materials. Tires (car and small truck tires) will be accepted this year, at an additional cost of $5 per tire. Cost of this program is being shared by the city and the Association.

Spring Elections for City Government, Association Board

Elections will be held next April for both organizations. The Association board has two positions up for election at the association’s annual meeting in late April, those being the seats currently held by Don Guyer and Jeremiah Cox. Both have indicated they may seek another term. Others are welcome to file and join the race. Filing for this election takes place in January, with a deadline of February 1. Anyone filing for the Association board must be a property owner and be paid up on assessments on all lots owned at the time of filing. Contact the Association office during normal open hours for any additional information, or to pick up a filing form.

On the city side, two alderman positions (those held by Mike Betts and Kevin Wortz) will be up for vote, as well as the mayor, that election being on the first Tuesday in April. Filing for the city positions takes place at city hall offices, beginning in late December with the deadline in mid-January. Anyone filing for city office must be a city resident for at least a year and must be current on all taxes at the time of filing. Check with the city staff during office hours for additional details.

Shelter House Repairs

You may have noticed, if you go to the North side of the lake, that the big shelter house in Cotter Park has had some major renovations done in recent weeks. This project was undertaken by Boy Scout troop 286 as an eagle scout project for Grant Leininger. Scouts and other volunteers replaced much of the decaying fascia board around the edge of the roof, corrected some electrical problems in the lights and outlets, painted the exterior, painted the picnic tables, replaced the BBQ grill, and a number of other assorted repairs. This was done at no cost to the Association other than a donation to buy materials and supplies. Here’s a big round of applause to Grant and the members and helpers of Scout Troop 286.

Lake Privileges and Trespassers

As you know, the policy of the Association is to allow access to the lakes and parks only for eligible property owners and their family members. An eligible property owner is any owner who is paid up on assessments and carries a current owner ID card. A family member is anyone in the owner’s family who has also been granted a card - - but not all family members are eligible. If an eligible owner has a family member who is also a property owner but is delinquent on assessments on his own property, that family member is NOT eligible to use the lakes. For example, let’s say that John Doe is a property owner with all assessments paid up, but John has a brother or cousin Joe who owns his own lot but is behind on assessments. John will be issued an ID card as owner, but Joe will not be eligible for a card. If we find Joe on the lake, he is subject to charge for trespassing. The city police are now working with us on the problem of unauthorized use of the lakes, and will be issuing tickets for trespassing to unauthorized users.

Lot Sales in Limbo

People sometimes buy a piece of property and think that just because they got a deed to the property, they own it. WRONG! The property is not yours until that deed has been recorded at the county courthouse! Sellers must also be aware of this – if the deed is not recorded, the seller is still responsible for taxes and assessments on the property. Don’t leave the sale in limbo – please make sure those deeds are recorded and provide a copy of the recorded deed to the Landowners office.

Who to Call For Services

Please note that the non-emergency phone number for police & sheriff has changed! The old number is no longer valid.

Emergency calls (24 hours) 911
Police (non-emergency, sheriff’s office) 1-660-584-2104
Fire District (non-emergency) 816-633-7182
Lake Lafayette City offices* 816-633-8783
Landowners Association office* 816-230-5976

*(Office hours for both are Tues, Thurs & Sat 9:00 a.m. to noon)

Landowners Association Board Members: City officials:
Jean Dyer 816-230-4489 Mayor (Gary Draper) 816-786-7622
Bob Heggestad 816-230-7615
Board of Aldermen
Renee Floyd 660-525-1649 Mike Betts 816-230-8747
Don Guyer 816-796-3374 Kevin Wortz 816-633-0664
Jeremiah Cox 816-230-6282 Deb Thompson 660-238-7256
Mark Thompson 660-238-7256